An Open TV system

A complete open TV OS stack

Start to enjoy entertainment again.
– No censoring of content
– No storing what you’re looking for
– No listening/intruding your privacy

Plasma BigScreen

A big launcher giving you easy access to any apps and skills. Usable via voice or remote control.

Mycroft AI

A free and open-source voice assistant that is ready for your command.

Remote control with CEC

Remote control with built-in microphone which can be used as a mouse.


Control openTV with your TV remote control.

Raspberry Pi 4

Micro-computer for setting up your own controlled openTV box.

KDE Neon

Based on Ubuntu LTS.

openTV Skills

Download new skills for your opentv box or rate, comment or add your own ones.

Get more skills

Development IMG


Early Development Preview (BETA)
opentv – Raspberry Pi 4 img
PBS – Plasma BigScreen – Mycroft-GUI 1.0 – libcec
Size: 1.2 GB

Set it up

Download img
Use etcher or diskimager to burn img on to a microSD card
start microsd from rpi4
connect to wifi
speak “Hey Mycroft: Youtube Enjoy the ride”
user/pwd is: mycroft/mycroft
for more documentation, click here

Source Code

PBS – Plasma BigScreen:
Mycroft GUI:

Develop Voice Apps

How to do your own Voice App:
Python side voice commands
GUI side

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Bug Reports: